Since 2001, The Fisha Foundation has been interested in bettering the lives of South Africans, providing services all over the country. Our foundation is a CSI division of Fisha Wellness Hospital, which is a private, voluntary psychiatric hospital in Pretoria West. Fisha Wellness Hospital is a subsidiary of the FISHA HEALTH GROUP, a brainchild of clinical psychologist Dr Senathi Fisha.

Our Story

“The people’s voice, when it cries as one, is a great roar.”

We believe in big interventions, not just small changes.

Unable to take a backseat in a country facing unfathomable hardships, Dr Senathi Fisha established Fisha Foundation out of her love for the South African people.

Most of our population today is suffering. Many are not afforded basic needs and services, such as healthcare, food security and education. People are going to be hungry and simple feeding programmes are just not enough. Through research and help from our valuable funders and meaningful NGOs, we are making changes that echo. The people have spoken, and we want to be the answer.

We are the voice of reason in a country that needs to reform and grow. We want to lift and direct our people to live fulfilling lives, enabling them to not only survive but thrive in our world.

We are here to serve, empower and correct what is damaged.

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    Fisha Psychiatric: 0800 222 624

    Suicide Helpline: 076 622 0803

    Rape Crisis: 076 622 0803

    GBV Helpline: 076 622 0803

    Depression Helpline: 080 055 4433

    Mental Health Helpline: 080 055 4433

    VitalMed Emergency Services: 0800 222 624


    Account name: Fisha Foundation
    Account type: FNB
    Account no: 62771832592
    Branch code: 25655
    Call us to make a donation on: 0800 222 624

    You can Donate from as little as R10 to make a change.